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Belanov was founded in the late nineties. The band attracted attention with their contribution to the compilation album Fabulous Racers from Dutch label Zabel Muziek in 2001. After a few years of silence Belanov returned by the end of 2004 in its current formation, resulting in the four track EP We Left on the Third Day in 2007. Earlier this year the first full length debut album Paragraph was recorded at the Eindhoven Void Studios, produced by Pieter Kloos. The sound of Belanov is best described as atmospheric and extensive, enriched with functional vocals and carefully controlled dynamics. Belanov tends to be stubborn, not as a means to and end, but originating as a logical consequence from the mix of musical influences brought together by the individual members of the band: from post rock to new wave, pop and punk. Eventually the sound of Belanov is meant to throw the listener into ecstasies, both on the album as well as to a live audience. Paragraph is released on November 10th 2008 by Dying Giraffe Records.

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Discography - November 2008 release of full album 'Paragraph' - ‘We Left on the Third Day’ EP (Prerelease, 2006) - ‘Night Season’ – contribution to the Fabulous Racers compilation CD, Zabel Muziek (2001) myspace.com/belanov Matthijs Uyterlinde @ drums Otto Lange @ guitar, vocals Rinie Haverlag @ bass René Borsje @ guitar, vocals camera: Otto, Elisabetta editing: Matthijs website: Rinie photos: Rob tourdates: Escape, Veenendaal - October 4th dB's, Utrecht - November 7th